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Tumblers are flat-bottomed drinking glasses.
• Collins glass, for a tall mixed drink
• Dizzy Cocktail glass, a glass with a wide, shallow bowl, comparable to a normal Cocktail glass but without the stem
• Highball glass, for mixed drinks
• Iced tea glass
• Juice glass, for fruit juices
• Old Fashioned glass, traditionally, for a simple cocktail or liquor “on the rocks”.
Contemporary American “rocks” glasses may be much larger, and used for a variety of beverages over ice
• Shot glass, a small glass for up to four ounces of liquor.
The modern shot glass has a thicker base and sides than the older whiskey glass
• Water glass
• Whiskey tumbler, a small, thin-walled glass for a straight shot of liquor


A stemmed glass
• Bordeaux, or claret
• Burgundy
• Chalice, an ornate stem glass, especially one for ceremonial purposes
• Champagne coupe, a stem glass with a wide, shallow bowl, for champagne (similar to a cocktail glass)
• Champagne flute, a stem glass with a tall, narrow bowl, for champagne
• Cocktail glass, a stem glass with a wide, shallow bowl, for cocktails
• Cordial
• Glen Cairn Glass, a wide bowl with a narrow mouth, similar to a snifter’s, but with short sturdy base, specifically designed for whiskey
• Sherbet, a stem glass for ice cream or sherbet
• Sherry glass
• Snifter, a liquor glass with a short stem and a wide bowl that narrows at the top, for brandy and liquor
• Wine glass, a stem glass
• Water, a large stem glass for water

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